“Perhaps the single biggest distinction between Tactical Asset Allocation and Modern Portfolio Theory is that while Modern Portfolio Theory seeks to reduce risk by spreading it across several asset classes, Tactical Asset Allocation seeks to reduce risk by cutting it."  -- Earl Adamy

Earl Adamy, publisher and developer of the TAAStrategies including the Market Conditions Model, Tactical Asset Allocation Model, Tactical Adaptive Global Strategy and Tactical Adaptive Income Strategy.

I am Earl Adamy, developer and publisher of the Tactical Asset Allocation strategies known as the TAAStrategies. I've invested many years of hard work in growing our investment portfolio and capital preservation is my priority.

I have enjoyed multiple entrepreneurial adventures in several industries, each of which shared a common thread of innovation in information technology. It was therefore second nature for me to begin studying the application of information technology to making consistent, disciplined, and profitable investment decisions.

It was in 2011 that I began studying the academic literature on Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) and exploring a number of the published tactical strategies which had demonstrated long-term historical value in reducing risk and improving returns. Testing strategies required building some relatively simple TAA spreadsheets. Once satisfied of their investment value, I began using them for small portions of our family investment portfolio.

Given my long experience developing systems and software, I began to make incremental improvements. By 2014, I had completed my first large-scale Tactical Model which provided a platform for developing and testing highly sophisticated tactical strategies. I began using those strategies for 30% to 40% of our family investments. A year later, I developed the first Market Conditions Model and began integrating it with the Tactical Model.

After speaking about my tactical strategies at an investment conference in 2016, I was approached by several investors who shared similar concerns and objectives. That was the genesis of TAAS which I created to help a small group of investors with a simple, mechanical approach to managing investments.

During the summer of 2018, I completed work on my third generation of Tactical Model. I count Adaptive Dynamic Momentum among the new and innovative technologies introduced with the new model. Adaptive Dynamic Momentum, which is a major departure from traditional TAA algorithms, uses sophisticated statistical techniques to discover security trends and dynamically adjust momentum measures for each fund, each period. The improvements in both returns and portfolio drawdowns has been dramatic.

You won’t hear hype or wild claims here. Each of my Adaptive Strategies is based on thorough research and due diligence. Each is explained and detailed clearly in a whitepaper on the Insights page. And I publish the month by month returns and drawdowns so you can evaluate the effectiveness and safety of those strategies for yourself. I expect nothing less from those who I entrust with managing my investments and you should too.

I intentionally keep the subscription marketing low-key as I prefer to work with a limited group of subscribers who will not subsume my research and development with administrative work. I include a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee with each new subscription because subscriber satisfaction is very important to me.

I look forward to informing you as a blog follower or serving you as a TAAStrategies subscriber.

Earl Adamy

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Exceptional results are due entirely to the complementary strengths of our Market Conditions Model and our Tactical Model.