The TAAStrategies, A Short History

((Note: this the fourth update to a post which first appeared in 2019. It is instructive in describing the approach and priorities which I bring to my strategy development process.) “The most recent incremental upgrades were released in mid-2019 and are described in considerable detail below together with the resulting outcomes. In each case, the … Read more

TAAStrategies: The All Weather Strategies

(Updated 07/01/22) There has been no shortage of talking heads ranging from FOMC members to economists to market timers; each expounding upon their views of the future. Inflation will be up. Inflation will be down. Recession ahead. No recession. Yields are going much higher. Yields are about to turn lower. Equities still in a bull … Read more

22 Years Of TAAStrategies

We are just two years into the new decade yet it has already succeeded in repeatedly upending the expectations of most in the financial community. We’ve experienced a pandemic, a brief collapse in the credit markets, a brief equity bear market, an unprecedented easing of monetary policy, unimagined fiscal stimulus, a raging non-stop equity rally, … Read more