Reflections On The Past Twelve Years

This is a comprehensive update and replacement of a February 2017 post titled “Reflections On The Past Decade”. The Market Can’t Be Timed? I’ve read a number of articles recently about the under-performance of market timing strategies including Tactical Asset Allocation (see Tactical Asset Allocation: How Does It Improve Returns?). Street “wisdom” is that one … Read more

On Paradigm Shifts 1920-2019 By Ray Dalio

I do a lot of reading of articles and opinions in the financial markets because I have a love of the markets as well as strong desire to continue incorporating the many lessons of the market into my investing. Perhaps the biggest lesson I have learned is that markets are driven by extremes in investor … Read more

Building A High Performance Tactical Income Strategy

The initial version of our Adaptive Income Strategy was an attempt to see what could be done with a very simple fund basket using Adaptive Dynamic Momentum and our recently upgraded Tactical Model. The results turned out better than expected. When a subscriber asked about a fixed income strategy, I made it available and a … Read more