How Do I Rebalance My Portfolio?

TAAS Strategies are designed to be implemented in low-cost, on-line brokerage accounts offered by any broker.

Subscribers retain full custody and control of their funds and make the final decisions regarding purchase and sale of funds.

Rebalance always occurs on the last trading day of the month … this has been established following exhaustive backtesting of alternatives. If the trading day is shortened, it still occurs at the close of the shortened trading day. It does not matter what day of the week the last trading day occurs.

We send a Rebalance Letter which includes both the symbol and percentage allocation. The percentages total 100%:

EFA                  15%
IEF                   15%
SPY                  30%
SHY                 10%
TLT                  30%

I recommend the use of Market On Close orders which can be submitted any time after the previous close* and not less than 15 minutes prior to the close. MOC orders are executed by the exchanges in the closing rotation. ETF sponsors handle ETF creation/destruction at the close to insure supply and demand are matched with execution at Net Asset Value.

We provide complete details and step by step instructions to each new subscriber. We also include them with each Rebalance Lotice.

I also wrote a blog post titled "Tactical Portfolio Management For Golfers" which describes the process for entering rebalance orders without interfering with life.

* Market On Close orders may be submitted days in advance by using an "effective date" order attribute.