Professional Introductory Subscription (15 Month)

Professional Introductory Subscription to all TAAS Strategies (15 month).

“I believe in my experience, methods, and approach strongly enough that if you aren’t entirely happy within the first two months, I’ll return the entire Subscription Fee.”

See Subscription Services Agreement – Terms and Conditions.

Your Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies Subscription includes:

  • The Tactical Adaptive Global, Tactical Adaptive Income, and Tactical Adaptive Innovation Strategies plus new or improved strategies developed during your subscription period.
  • The TAAS Market Conditions Model designed to keep your investments on the right side of current market conditions whether they be Favorable, Balanced, or Hostile.
  • The TAAS Tactical Model which identifies the best performing funds within the current condition basket and goes to 100% cash when none of the funds are performing well.
  • Fund baskets specifically designed and tested for each of the market conditions: Favorable, Balanced and Hostile.
  • Specific, actionable allocations to low-expense Exchange Traded Fund positions for the following month.
  • The Monthly Markets update which summarizes market health and risk conditions
  • Update on my family’s TAAS portfolio

This Professional Introductory Subscription is licensed for use by a single Financial Professional and may be used to manage client accounts without limitation. The Subscription may, at Subscriber’s option, be renewed with a Professional Annual Subscription. The current rate for a Professional Annual Subscription is $2,500.