Quickly and Easily Lower Your Risks and Improve Your Returns

With Earl Adamy's Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies Subscription, each month you will be provided with a market summary and detailed instructions for your portfolio. In less than 15 minutes, you can manage your investments with a mechanical strategy and peace of mind.

Earl's Priorities

Earl's only priorities are to lower risk and improve returns.

Earl stays focused on results. His methods are mechanical; not discretionary or emotionally driven.

Earl seeks low-risk opportunities to improve returns under all market conditions.

Your Commitments

The Global Strategy is intended to manage a substantial portion of a large portfolio or family office. You should be able to commit a minimum of $100,000 to the Global Strategy, even if starting with a smaller sum.

The TAAS Global Strategy should not be your only portfolio investment.

The Global Strategy is designed to manage risk and return across a Full Market Cycle.  Size your commitment to your comfort level but do not adjust or "cherry pick" the allocations.


The Strategies are designed for investors who know and understand their risk tolerance. The Strategies provide different levels of risk management so you can choose what is comfortable for you.


The Strategies are designed for self-directed investors who want monthly guidance to decrease risk exposure and increase equity exposure as market conditions fluctuate.


The Subscription is for investors who want objective advice. Earl does not have any third party, bank, investment firm, or broker relationships that skew his suggestions.

Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies, the investment subscription that actually works

There are many investment strategies out there, but most fall short in protecting capital and improving returns. Earl has conducted over 10,000 hours of research and back testing of his Global Strategy. The low drawdown and the high full-cycle returns speak for themselves. That's why Earl has been using the Global Strategy to manage a substantial portion of his own family investments since 2014. 

Global Strategy Conservative Chart and Table


Global Strategy Aggressive Chart and Table

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"I believe in my experience, methods, and approach strongly enough that if you aren't entirely happy within the first two months, I'll return the entire Subscription Fee."

Personal Annual Subscription: $1200

Save $400/year versus quarterly

Personal 3 Month Subscription: $400 (Introductory)

Professional Subscriptions are available

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