Quickly and Easily Lower Client Risks and Improve Client Returns

With Earl Adamy's Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies Subscription, each month you will be provided with a market summary and detailed instructions for rebalancing portfolios. In less than 15 minutes, you can manage investments with a mechanical strategy and peace of mind.

How And Why I Serve Financial Professionals

I understand that clients of Financial Professionals want and are willing to pay for a higher level of service and hand holding than self-direct investors.

Subscription pricing reflects the fact that Financial Professionals need to keep costs contained in order to render a high level of service for an affordable fee.

We share an aversion to risk without commensurate returns. My primary focus in strategy development is to lower risk. Only when risk has been minimized, do I turn my attention to returns.

I have been investing in managed portfolios, CTA programs, and hedge funds for several decades and find the often-reported 1, 3, 5 and 10 year returns unhelpful. That's why I provide the same detailed month by month returns and drawdown information I insist on when evaluating personal investments.

The TAAS strategies should not be your client's only portfolio investment.

The TAAS strategies are simple for Financial Professionals to use. Once you and your clients have established the amount to be invested using the TAAS strategies, it requires just a few minutes each month to reallocate all client portfolios using virtually any custodial brokerage platform.

Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies, the investment subscription that actually works

There are many investment strategies out there, but most fall short in protecting capital and improving returns. Earl has conducted over 12,000 hours of research and back testing of tactical strategies. The low drawdowns and the high full-cycle returns speak for themselves. That's why Earl has been using TAA strategies to manage a substantial portion of his own family investments since 2014. 


"I believe in my experience, methods, and approach strongly enough that if you aren't entirely happy within the first two months, I'll return the entire Subscription Fee."

Professional Introductory Subscription: $1500

Professional Introductory Subscription for one Financial Professional. This subscription includes 3 extra months to allow for compliance and client setup. The Introductory Subscription allows the Financial Professional to gauge the degree to which the strategies are suitable for both the Financial Professional and his/her clients.

Professional Annual Subscription: $2500

Professional Annual Subscription for one Financial Professional.